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Welcome to the Higgins Beach Association


Plans for 2021 Underway

The summer of 2020 has ended but not the threat of covid-19. The HBA Board are moving forward with plans for 2021 with hopes that the virus is under control or gone away. Hopefully an effective and safe vaxcine will be available by then.

There will be a few changes for 2021 which will help our members become better informed about what we do to make Higgins Beach enjoyable for ALL. The Board has approved a Communication Committee which along with the Civic Committee is a standing committee. The members are Peter Rabbitt, MaryBeth Shapiro, Diane Garofalo, Dave Stahelski, and Ceile Day. Reach out to any of them with ideas for content. One of the first things you will see is a periodic email from HBA. It will contain the HBA logo, so you know it is an official HBA commuication. The Committee is still working on content and frequency of these emails.

There will also be more detailed information and links to various sites, such as the Town website, on ordinances and other information that we assume we know, but more often turn out to be folklore.

As always check the Latest News below for current information, and the sidebars for more permanent information. Stay safe and healthy over the winter and hope and pray that we get back to normal next year.

Latest News

HBA New Email Address


We have a new email address; info@hbamaine.com. If you have our old gmail address in your contacts you will need to update it. We will continue to monitor the old address. The new address is associated with our website and is more secure.



As part of our communication plan, we now have an eNewsletter published monthly. We mail it to our members and their families if we have your email address on file. When filling out your annual membership form, please add your email address so we can contiue to communicate the newsletter as well as more important news concerning our community and association. If you haven't received an emailed newsletter, copies are posted on our Hightide page.

Holiday Lights


To try and brighten up this year of 2020, Dave Stahelski of the Communication Committee, went around the beach taking photos of the cottages decorated with festive holiday lights. The photos are on the gallery page.

More Summer of Surprises: Chalk Night


HBA Secretary and Board Member, Ceile Day, organized another surprise for our CommUNITY, Chalk Night. Volunteers went around yesterday delivering bags of colorful chalk and urging people to let their inner artist out and be creative around their cottages. Then as we all walk around the beach, we can appreciate the talents and creativity of our friends and neighbors.

A few photos are on the Gallery page.

Summer of Surprises Continues: The Ice Cream Surprise


"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream", said the Talking Car last evening, calling all to be on their front lawns at 7:00PM for ice cream. Volunteers, with masks, went around the beach handing out ice cream bars and popsicles to kids of ALL ages. I think that everyone appreciates the volunteers that spend their time and energy trying to make this difficult year a little more pleasant. A BIG THANK YOU from all of us.

Hopefully there might be a few more surprises planned, but we will just have to wait and see.

A few photos of some of the volunteers and the treats are on the Gallery page.

Summer of Surprises Continues


Yesterday we woke up to find little battery candles on our doorsteps asking us to light them last night at 8:30PM, as a symbol of commUNITY and hope during this pandemic. We were encouraged to stroll around to enjoy them.

Summer of Surprises 2020 has more surprises planned, but we don't know what they are. Summer of Surprises would like to thank the many volunteers who made this happen, the HBA for funding and especially the hundreds of households who enthusiastically displayed the candles as beacons of hope and commUNITY.

A few photos taken while strolling last night are on the Gallery page.

Flag Surprise


Last week several HBA members went around and placed small American Flags on lawns in a celebration of July 4th. Since the parade was cancelled ths was just one small way to bring some celebration to the holiday. This morning most of the flags were retrieved since they were beginning to fall over onto the ground. If anyone wants a flag back, thay can email Ceile Day at ceile_day@yahoo.com and leave their address and the flags will be returned.

Beach Raking

Higgins Beach Merchandise

Available for procurement during Wednesday Breakfast, Ice Cream Socials, and Craft Fair

Contact Lynn Shryock at 207-329-3070.


HBA urges you to bring your own coffee mug to reduce costs and help the environment



Clubhouse available for Member only use. Contact Sue Naiden (207-239-6421) for availability and details.

Volunteers Needed

There are many activities that the HBA organizes for our members. Most of the time it is the same people doing all the work. If you would like to help at any of our activities, contact a Board member or email us.

Want to be a Board Member

Contact Barbara Bombaci, Nominating Committee Chairperson. Each year three positions become open. See the By-Laws for more information and deadlines.

Higgins Beach is Pedestrian Friendly

25 speed limit

Protect the Safety of our Beach
Obey the Speed Limit